Winter Jam!

Winter Jam.jpg

Our youth group goes to this event every year and it is a BLAST! The total cost of the event will be $20. $15 is for their ticket and $5 will help cover the cost of fuel. We will be going Friday January 19th. Your child will need to be at Harvest Chapel ready to leave at 2:30pm. Be prepared for a LATE pick up. The concert ends at 10:00pm and our church is about 3hrs from where the event is being held. A permission slip is required for this event. Contact Pastor Matt for further information.



On November 3rd we will be going to Cornfusion! We will be doing the flashlight maze. If possible please bring a flashlight. The ticket cost is $11 per youth. We will be leaving Harvest Chapel at 6:30pm, a permission slip is required. This night we will also be having a lock-in at Harvest Chapel. Food & snacks will be provided. Pick up time will be 9:00am Saturday morning. If you have any questions contact Pastor Matt 🙂